My Photographer

Every blogger needs a good picture which helps tell their story a little bit better. I have teamed up with Professional Photographer and dear friend, Sarfaraaz Khan, to bring a little bit more colour into my articles (and online looks).

Like me, he is passionate about pictures and the stories they can tell. Through hard work, sacrifice and patience, he has managed to develop a skill which he never knew he possessed, into a burning passion; and is on track to transforming it into a growing business, “Digital Bath Images”. Mashallah!

As do most of us, he has a day job of being a corporate slave… But once he hangs up that suit and picks up the camera, you can rest assured that he will bring your memories to life.

Sarfaraaz Khan - Founder of Digital Bath Images (The Photographer being photographed. Trying to be serious :))

Sarfaraaz Khan – Founder of Digital Bath Images (The Photographer being photographed. Trying to be serious :))

His company offers a range of photographic services; on-location shoots as well as studio shoots to suit your every photographic need.

Some of the services that his company offers include:

Model Shoots

Personal Photoshoots

Couple Shoots / Friends Shoots


Product Shoots

Parties / Events

Etc. Shoots

Advice on Photography (Yes, you read correctly.)

Best of all, he offers tailored packages that would suit your individual needs and he offers one of the most competitive rates on the market!

A daring photographer, willing to do what it takes to tell the photographic tale… I’m very happy that he is part of bringing my memories to life on ToxicSweety’s Pensieve.

To book a photoshoot for yourself, your partner and/ or friends; or to enquire about his current availability, contact him on 084 205 8880. (For business use only, people :))

See what he’s up to online and show some lurrrv:

Company Website:





“The beautifully captured moments that serve as triggers to your memory bank. Enter the digital realm of colour, possibility and imagination!” – Sarfaraaz Khan

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