About Fowzia Gamiet

About Fowzia Gamiet

I am a South African-born female of Arab decent. Human behaviour is an area that interests me and over the years I have become a natural at behaviour prediction. My interest has naturally pulled me to study a career path that would further that passion i.e. Organisational Psychology. As an apt Confucius quote goes: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

I follow the religion of Islam. All my actions are aimed at remembering that before anything else (my career, my interests, my wants…), I am a Muslim. Being a Muslim in a Western culture, brings forth its own challenges however, I maintain a high level of dignity and integrity in my actions, behaviour and a modest dress-code. Or at least, I try.

Knowledge-acquisition fuels my motivation for life. The more I learn the more I want to know!

I also have business interests which I have translated into an online store. I have also joined forces with entrepreneurial communities to educate each other  about growing a businesses.

I believe in sharing your knowledge as in doing so, your own knowledge grows. I am happy to help if you are looking to start your own business or if you need assistance with starting your own blog.

About my blog

My blog is a tool to articulate my thoughts, document interesting experiences and share ideas. Being a woman, I naturally write from a woman’s perspective. Additionally, I do possess mild feministic views and my writing will display a tendency towards inspiring and encouraging especially women. With that said, make no mistake, I am not a misandrist.

I am a woman with realistic views on the world and through my blog I aim to question what is and what should be. It is an honest view of who I am. If your feelings are hurt by my posts then keep in mind, that it’s nothing personal. Let’s talk aboudeeeet.

I also do post requests and topic suggestions. Feel free to comment on any of my posts. I love intelligent discussion- it keeps my brain juices flowing. While I do not expect everyone to always agree with my views,I am entitled to my opinion. With that said, please remember to have respect when commenting.

My message to women

Education! Education! Education! I cannot stress this point enough! Yes, I know this is boring but it HAS to be said. Get a qualification in something that interests you. It will give you the edge. Looking good is great but if you promote your body then that is what you will be known as. Nobody takes you seriously if you’re half naked claiming to be intelligent. True beauty lies in  what you can contribute to your neighbours’ happiness, not how much skin is revealed. Respect yourself enough to improve your brain rather than cheapen your body. Otherwise, you may as well go work in the local strip joint!

My message to men
This blog is not aimed at women alone. I write pro-women but I am keen to see a man’s view, so I strongly urge you to engage with me…if you dare! 🙂

How to connect with me

I always look forward to hearing from my readers through and engaging with them, however, I would like to keep my personal Facebook profile as just that; private. I only accept friend requests from those who are just that… my personal friends. If you don’t know me personally, kindly refrain from sending me a request, as I will not accept it. I always try my best to respond to all contact so fear not, I am accessible to you on the following platforms:

Please note:  All images and content used on my blog belong to Fowzia Gamiet (me) and may not be reproduced without my express permission. I am happy to share, so please ask so that I know where my content is being displayed (unless I disagree with what your platform stands for).  Any use of the images taken from my blog, are to be properly linked and credited to ToxicSweety’s Pensieve! All other images that I add are for the purposes of discussion. 
Welcome to ToxicSweety’s Pensieve- The Blog!

You have nothing to prove to anyone, so apologise to nobody for being you! 😉

ToxicSweety over and out

For the love of animals (even though I'm super scared of snakes!)

For the love of animals (even though I’m super scared of snakes!)



11 comments on “About Fowzia Gamiet
  1. Hi Fowzia

    Long time – perhaps u remember me? Old old buddy of ur brother.

    Anyway have only recently stumbled across ur blog, which I can c has been around a while now & I never realised u were this type of person i.e. open, engaging & rather inspiring (fear of snakes – but ur twitter profile has u with one).
    I must add though, I don’t think I ever really knew u so my view is somewhat skewed I guess!

    Moving along, nice web site – overall & good “About” page. Gives the reader (me at least) an idea of the person blogging & where u stand on most topics before a reader comments or responds, so as to avoid any conflict – if that is correct word.

    Well onward to ur articles & I hope I will be able to contribute to some of them 🙂



    • ToxicSweety says:

      Hey Luch. Yeah, I remember you. Im glad you “stumbled” across my blog and I hope that you will find some of the articles interesting. 🙂 I am far from an open person but what I choose to write about, I am open about that. Where have you fallen from? 🙂


  2. humanity is about sharing and being compassionate….


  3. Fodder says:

    Your message to women….. “Educate……” I could not help see the sad irony of so many muslim women who are kept uneducated, de-valued; in the worss of Nietszhe “barefoot, pregnant and chained to the stove”.

    Maybe this is not a place to start a theological discussion, but I am lately amazed by the fact that muslims are promoting hatred (against non-muslims), abuse of human rights (especially against women) but yet portray itself to be the “religion to go”.

    This said, I will read this blog regularly because I myself, although from a Christian perspective, are also interested in human behaviour.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ToxicSweety says:

      Hi there

      Thank you for dropping by.

      Yes, it is sad that many Muslim are kept in an oppressive state. I think that is more common to see this practise in Islamic countries, where women are seen as less than a man.

      As far as Muslims promoting acts of hatred, I think that that is something that would require a bit more evidence. The media alone does not suffice and I think that you saying that the hateful acts of a few Muslim individuals, is a good indication of the majority, is not a very open minded view.

      If it were such a hateful religion hen why would it be the fastest growing religion in the world?

      This would probably require lots of research on both our parts. To be honest with you, I think that Christians and Muslims (and all other religions) could have a better synergy, if they each respected each other’s views a bit more.Then again, within each religion there’s internal conflicts.

      Thank you for reading. I look forward to more discussions that will hopefully educate us both 🙂


      • Mike says:

        I just recently came across your blog/website and to be honest fully agree with your synergy of all religions!! The core to any religion is to help us become better people. Unfortantely for few radicals it can be a pathetic excuse to do horrible things.

        Why do you feel the Muslim faith is the fastest growing?? Growing because new converts or just increasing birth rate?? Googling fastest growing religion brought up a lot of articles bout Mormonism at least in the U.S. Just a thought.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ToxicSweety says:

        Hi there Mike. Unfortunately religion is one of those topics where because of our own personal biases, will always be under debate. I agree with you, the core of any religion is to better ourselves as human beings and extremists tend to take things out of context. It is not my personal feeling that Islam is the fastest growing religion… it is fact. Globally, percentage-wise, Islam is the fastest growing religion due to both birth rate as well as reverts. Thank you for reading the article and for your response.


  4. Captain G says:

    Marry me!


  5. connecting sa says:

    you know what your blog rocks cant stop reading………….. Via @connecting_sa

    Liked by 1 person

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