Where is Fowzia Gamiet?

Wow! Can you believe that it’s almost time to say goodbye to 2013? I have been a bit quiet of late but I am hoping to change that. My blogging habits do leave much to be desired, I know. Well, at least blogging in my personal capacity! I have been asked to manage the blogs for CA Global Headhunters (my day job) for the Banking, Insurance, Finance & Legal division. When you have a moment, I urge you all to check it out and share your thoughts on it. Click HERE to see my somewhat professional blogging. I try not to keep it too formal because then it just ends up being a news bulletin board. What are your thoughts?

I guess, now that I am blogging on a daily basis for CA Global, I should be able to make a more regular appearance on my personal blog as well. Here’s to hoping that changes. Also, now that I am single, I have been attending more events, being a bit more social – which, mind you, is slightly out of my comfort zone. I am more of a one-on-one kinda gal! 🙂

Anyway, I am more settled into a routine and my next move is to tackle the blog layout; I think it needs a bit of a spring clean to be honest. Too many pictures, too many links and I’ve been told recently that some of the important links aren’t located in an obvious place. Lots to do!

Otherwise, I am not doing too badly. I went on somewhat of a blind date on Saturday. I think it was a blind date. A very close friend of mine introduced me to his friend and we have been messaging each other; then we arranged to meet in person. I guess that’s a blind date, right? Anyway, semantics aside it was the most out-of-my-comfort-zone things that I have done do date – after all, this man is a stranger to me. I went along with it because I trust my friend and he assured me (after countless frantic and panic-stricken messages from me) that his friend is trustworthy.

Needless to say, he was an absolute gentleman. He offered to fetch me at home (which ended up being an awkward situation of sorts). Certain behaviour attributes speak to a person’s character and offering to fetch me was definitely a good sign in that department. Throughout the evening I was suffering from acute anxiety. Being alone with a stranger was a bit overwhelming but he was rather good at extinguishing the nerves. All in all, I had a great evening and he was great company. My friend has earned a spot in the good-judge-of-character department.

I am in a good space right now.

Oh yes! I have been contacted by an ex boyfriend who has actually been instrumental in the re-alignment of my mind-set. I don’t want to go into too much detail on this matter but since my last relationship ended, I was not happy with the person that I was becoming, or rather who I had become; I was mean, bitchy and cold.  Out of the blue, my ex contacted me and reminded me about who I used to be and it got me thinking that I am a good, caring person who is, at times, sweet. I think if an ex can stand testament to your good character then it definitely counts as something; especially if you dated each other for almost 4 years. Now, more than ever, it is clear how certain people bring out the best and the worst in others and I have definitely taken an even more strict approach to cutting the bad people from my life! I have no time for those who bring out my bad side 🙂

My next step is to focus on my personal hobbies and increase my leisure time. I have so many interests, it’s crazy! I love photography, I sew, I attend cooking courses, I play the piano (well, trying to), old friends have reached out to me to hookup, I have re-ignited my blogging enthusiasm and… I have started ninjutsu classes.

Yes, people; I am finally answering my call to be a Ninja!

One is for sure… I am back!

ToxicSweety over and out!


Enjoying life right now!

Enjoying life right now!

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Authored by Fowzia Gamiet, ToxicSweety's Pensieve is a written montage of memories, experiences and anything current and newsworthy. Taken from the Harry Potter series specifically "Goblet of Fire" a "pensieve" is a magical repository for memories. I always love hearing from readers of my blog, so please leave your memory/ comment on ToxicSweety's Pensieve. Enjoy!

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2 comments on “Where is Fowzia Gamiet?
  1. RashiedaUncut says:

    So I used to be in favour of ninjas but now I have to ask! Who has more fun? pirates or ninjas??


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