Fowzia Gamiet THE Arian: APRIL BIRTHDAY MONTH – Age equals a day plus one!

April: the month that I was brought into this glorious world. With each year that passes, I reflect on the person and woman that I am becoming. Having just celebrated my birthday I think it apt to share  with you where I am at and what the road ahead looks like. Unlike many bloggers, I did not write a New Year’s post; I find it to be a bit cliché and as you know- I am me… everything but conventional.

When I see others doing / saying the same as me, I feel I need to evolve further!

I am unique! If someone else is the same, I feel un-evolved!

Another year has passed and I am apparently a year older. Not true. In fact, at an early age my Dad has revealed the truth to me. He said that you get older one day at a time; meaning that when your birthday arrives, you’re just a day older than the day before! I can’t decide whether hearing that news was tragic or not. Regardless, here I am a day older than the previous day, on the anniversary of my birth.

I look back on the years and years that I have graced earth with my presence and I can honestly say that I am proud of who I am becoming. I have not always been proud of the things that I have said or done but one thing that has remained constant is that I have always been true, to myself, my family and my faith. Travelling the path of truth has never been easy that much I can tell you.

As a teenager it is a lot harder than when you’re an adult, to be the alien who believes differently to the norm; because when we are young we are more susceptible to others’ opinions. Nonetheless, I have always stuck to my guns, being a lone ranger most of my life, and now I am more comfortable in my skin than ever. I have even accepted my masculinity. To be honest I think it has been my male traits has kept me safe from fake people all these years. Most of all, I hold my head high; happy in the knowledge that even when fully clothed I am still interesting. I do not need to unzip, unbutton or undress anything, to get attention – My parents have taught me well.

Let’s talk zodiac!
My birthday lies between March 21st and April 19th so according to those who believe in Zodiac signs, my personality profile would be classified as an Aries (The Ram) i.e. The First star-sign (Naturally)!

At this stage I would like to point out that having studied personality and behaviour, I have yet to come across definitive proof that any celestial constellation placement is correlated to personality or behaviour. Scientifically put (in simple terms), behaviour is the culmination of life experiences by you as well as learned experiences through others, which you adapt to suit your situation. We adapt to our individual interpretation of life and the situations that we are faced with.

Now, I may not believe in it but I do find zodiac signs and its personality profiling rather intriguing.

As a so-called Aries, this would be my personality profile:

The Good
“The ram is adventurous, ambitious, impulsive, enthusiastic and full of energy. Aries is a pioneer, open to new ideas and a lover of freedom. You welcome challenges and will not be diverted from your purpose except by your own impatience, which surfaces fast when you don’t get quick results.” [Taken from HERE]

The Bad
Stubborn and unwilling to listen seems to be the common complaint. I wont go into too much detail here but if you’d like, here’s a nice link to the Aries’ good and bad side! (HERE)

There’s even articles on how to get an Aries woman to fall in love with you!!!

Aries - The Ram

Aries – The Ram

To be honest, the profile write-ups about the Aries persona is about 80% correct and relatable to me. As far as I believe, this is completely co-incidental. I mean, when I look at some of the other star signs, I can see some of my personality traits being mentioned there too. Am I then to believe that I a part of the entire zodiac system? Well, that could be true – given my alien decent…

Anyway, jokes aside – I am actually a multifaceted individual. Many personality tests have been done on me which have turned out to be more or less “undefined”, leaving the administrator to rely on heuristics to produce a profile. Yes, I am that undefinable and that is what makes me all the more unique! I guess that’s why I turned to studying behaviour- I am it’s master!

Moving along… I believe that star positioning or celestial appearances have little to do with who you are as a person. Life and the experiences that you are faced with, is what affects you and that is what moulds our personalities.

Zodiac personality profiling is interesting to some and an infatuation to others. It might provide guidance and comfort to those seeking some explanation or insight into their own lives… which is ok. For me however, that view leaves one with a sense of helplessness or lack of control in the outcome of who we are. Ultimaely, personality is affected by behaviour and behaviour is modifiable.

Toothpaste personality test

Take the toothpaste personality test – Hope you’re not anti social!!

Now back to my birthday month!

I would have to say that this year was the best birthday yet! My boyfriend spoiled me with gifts which he gave to me promptly after the clock struck 12, at midnight – really sweet gesture! Yes, I’m a sucker for “sweet” when the occasion calls for it. My cold heart does melt a little. Hahaha!

The following day I took a giant cheesecake to work, which I spent the evening making, to fatten up my colleagues… and to show my excellent flair for baking (my other passion).

I was greeted by colleagues lining up to wish me. This was a first for me, so I felt a bit strange with all the hugging happening. You know me…I’m not a big hugger or affection-giver (except towards my baby sister).  I received beautiful gifts from some of my work colleagues.

The best part though was finding out that my team clubbed together to buy gifts for me. They did a very good job of hiding everything (well, not everything), going as far as to schedule a meeting with me to stall for time, so as to get litle messages from colleagues in a card. Yes, they did slip up here and there but I won’t spoil it for them… As mentioned above- I am very aware, analytical and conscious all the time – I MISS NOTHING!

Anyway, the rule at the office is that birthday girls / boys get to work half-day… which was not really ideal given my workload; I ended up leaving the office an hour later than I was supposed to and ha to be half-chased out and peeled away from my desk!

When I got home, I was showered with yet more gifts which Mom, Dad and sisters. I ended the day with a tasty ice cream cup (filled with 2 scoops) for only R10, from Eastern Bazaar.

Throughout the day, I received messages from people who took time out of their day to message or call me: My boyfriend, parents, sisters, brother, colleagues, friends on Facebook, family, some strangers on Twitter and a special call from my boyfriend’s Mom. I don’t know if it was the stress that I’ve been under of late or what but all the love (or perception thereof) warmed my heart and I was blessed that I was thought kindly… well, at least on my birthday. (Evil thoughts resumed after 23:59, hehe.)

When I went to bed, I smiled knowing that if I die, no matter how cold, or how much of an “Ice Queen” I am, at least a few people will be missing my ugly, mean face! This old lady (some would say biaattch) lives another day… so deal with it!

Hope you enjoy the pictures from my birthday, below – Don’t forget to join me on Twitter

ToxicSweety over and out!

Gift wrapped by Mom. The hearts were specially made :)

Gift wrapped by Mom. The hearts were specially made 🙂

From Family: Salaah top with matching scarf, leather handbag and Green-Cross sandals

From Family: Salaah top with matching scarf, leather handbag and Green-Cross sandals


From my team: Handbag, bithday card (including wishes ffrom the entire company) – all in a GIANT giftbag

From my team: Colourful floral snood

From my team: Colourful floral snood

From Rozetta Muller: Black & White scarf with beading tassel and earrings to accessorise

From Rozetta Muller: Black & White scarf with beading tassel and earrings to accessorise

Ice cream from Eastern Bazaar - I think it was a choc chip

Ice cream from Eastern Bazaar – I think it was a choc chip

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!Can't even see my face!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!Can’t even see my face!

From everyone: Picture taken before I ravished the wrapping

From everyone: Picture taken before I ravished the wrapping


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