Birthday blues at Beluga, Sea Point!

Some of you may remember my post on themed party etiquette  where I donned my tailor-made over-sized hat to one of my best friend, Kamilah’s birthdays (see HERE for the story). Well, recently we celebrated her birthday and she decided to celebrate over the entire weekend, starting with a laid-back dinner at Beluga in Greenpoint on Saturday, followed by an extreme adventure on Sunday, Sand-boarding at the dunes in Atlantis.

Unfortunately Deen couldn’t accompany me to Beluga due to working late, then a faulty car so I had to attend Kam’s birthday solo. Beluga proved to be a bag of mixed emotions – we sat outside which was a good option, given that we were a group of about 20 odd, so the fresh air was much needed. Food and atmosphere was good but there was a bitter ending to our evening: a mix-up with the bill.

Let me paint the scene: Everyone has eaten and are ready to pay. A few couples had already left as they had to be up early for the SPAR Women’s’ race the following morning. Those who left early paid or made payment arrangements with friends. Those of us who stayed later, who had to face the bill, learned that there were 2 types of mojitos added to the bill: one at R40 and one at R73. The primary difference between the 2 drinks is the alcohol content. The R40 mojito has zero alcohol whilst the R73 mojito has unlimited alcohol. Now being a group of non-drinking Muslims, you can imagine our surprise at the bill which clearly shows not one but FIVE R73 alcoholic mojitos added to our bill!

Bill from Beluga Restaurant in Greenpoint

Bill from Beluga Restaurant in Greenpoint

As you can see, mojitos were ordered. Now some of you might be thinking “What’s the problem?” Well,

Being a group of Muslim individuals, none of the group members drink alcohol!!

The R40 mojito has zero alcohol whilst the R73 mojito has unlimited alcohol. Now being a group of non-drinking Muslims, you can imagine our surprise at the bill which clearly shows not one but FIVE R73 alcoholic mojitos added to our bill!

Our waiter simply said that those who had left for home ordered that mojitos!! This being the 21st century, we used our cells phones to communicate with those who left, to ask them about their beverage orders; (did he think we wouldn’t want to corroborate his story?) Anyway, they confirmed payment of non-alcoholic drinks! Now, I do not want to accuse anyone of being dishonest or accuse anyone of taking advantage of the fact that there was a big group at the table so they could add some expensive drinks to the bill, only to pocket the money; perhaps due to thinking that nobody will notice but not taking into account that we were non-drinkers! I won’t say that, no!

What I would say though, is when dining out in big groups; ensure that you are fully aware of your orders…before everyone leaves!

My night at Beluga was good; not because of the below-mediocre service but because of the excellent company!

The ladies :)

The ladies 🙂

I have been to Beluga before and the service was not too bad but not excellent. Beluga is not a place I’d run to in a hurry!

ToxicSweety over and out


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2 comments on “Birthday blues at Beluga, Sea Point!
  1. Saajida says:

    That’s so unfortunate! glad you all didn’t allow that error to spoil your time out 🙂

    My visits to Beluga, thankfully, have all started and ended on a positive note with both good food and good service. I guess it depends on the waiter? Oh well, perhaps better luck next time – if there will be haha 😉


    • ToxicSweety says:

      This was actually my first bad experience at Beluga. I have been there a few times before and things went well – hence my return there. I guess you’re right- it does boil down to the waiter who serves you. As far as I could see, though, our waiter was not a newbie. Who knows?! Maybe he was having a rough week! 🙂


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