My first of many EntertainerZA outings: Let’s go Bowling, Cavendish

I was fortunate enough to be given a booklet by the EntertainerZA team, who ensured that my booklet was hand delivered to my office. I have to give special thanks to Lee-Ann Mitchell who after learning that I was extremely busy and thus unable to collect the booklet myself, offered to drop the book at my home. I refused, of course, as it would be silly of me to expect that of someone, given that our work offices are in such close proximity. She then arranged hand delivery to my office – such a darling!

My package arrived at work :)

My package – sitting on my desk, waiting to be opened! 🙂

A few colleagues and I went bowling at Cavendish’s Lets Go Bowling alley and I decided to use my tickets from the EntertainerZA booklet. This is the first time that I have redeemed one of the vouchers and I thought it would be a good time to see how the process works, for future reference.  Better be in company and have a problem with a freebie, than being alone and having a problem with a freebie, right?

That's me holding the vouchers and my manager next to me

That’s me holding the vouchers and my manager next to me

Anyway, I think the employees at Let’s Go Bowling sensed that it was our first time and I sensed it was their first time seeing this voucher- we were both equally unaware of what to do but I was confident enough to know the outcome: 2 for the price of one! Simple maths meant that 6 of us meant that together we had to pay for 3 full price tickets- I did not care how they did it, just that they made it happen…which they did! And we had a lovely time!

I have decided that I will be using the booklet on a more regular basis, being that it is filled with restaurants, spas and activities that I would ordinarily have to save up to visit. I was told that this booklet is a mere advertising gimmick but I think that either way, it is a great idea to get us to enjoy what is available in Cape Town.

Personally, I am always on the lookout for new places and this booklet does provide a menu, if you may, of ideas of places to visit.

Those who know me very well will know that I have a very adventurous side! Nothing and nobody gets in my way when there’s a thrill within my comfort zone, to seek. For instance, I have always wanted to go shark cage diving, sky diving, helicopter riding and zip lining. These are just some of the activities that have been added in the EntertainerZA booklet, of which I will be making use of and sharing with you guys.

Now that I have finally purchased my 2013 diary, I will be able to schedule spa visits, restaurant reviews and activity pictures to share with everyone; as soon as I figure out which day will be my designated “EntertanerZA activity day”. All this is dependent on the month’s cash flow of course. My plan is to add a tab to my blog; I haven’t decided whether it should be an EntertainerZA tab or a reviews tab. If you have a worthwhile suggestion, do let me know.

Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for updates.

PS: There are only a few pictures posted, as my colleagues are rather shy and do not like many of  their pictures posted up. The ones posted are the ones I know they would like. I think I’m going to have to invest in an SLR camera soon…or just improve my camera skills…or maybe just have a photographer follow me around. Hmmm…?

Enjoy 🙂

ToxicSweety over and out!

Can you spot where I am?

Can you spot where I am?

About to bowl! That ball's as big as I am!

About to bowl! That ball’s as big as I am!


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2 comments on “My first of many EntertainerZA outings: Let’s go Bowling, Cavendish
  1. RoxyUncut says:

    More about the EntertainerZA package please and how do you get 1?


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