All about the Twitter hashtag #ToxicQnA

I like a good discussion. The more complicated,  the more intricate and the more philosophical the better. Well, only better if my company is matched in intelligence that is- by that, I mean that they can at least hold the discussion maturely without throwing a tantrum if I don’t share their view point.

As some of you may have noticed, to encourage discussion I have recently been playing around with the #ToxicQnA hashtag where I post topical questions every night after 8:30pm. It also makes it easier when following the evenings discussion on a particular topic. I was going to use an ampersand  but unfortunately in hashtag lingo, the ampersand acts as a full-stop or break in the hashtag, making the hashtag useless – hence #ToxicQnA and not #ToxicQ&A – Do you follow?

Tweet using hashtag  #ToxicQnA

Tweet using hashtag #ToxicQnA

The response to the #ToxicQnA has been great; driving discussion from both men and women from all ages, which is a nice change from my usual audience of young women up to late 30’s and early 40’s. It also gives me a better idea of the people in my Twitter network, the kind of topics they like discussing or hearing about, their style of speaking,  and so on. Being a Scientist and Behaviour Specialist, you can see why this would be intriguing to me. I am a firm believer in individualism – everyone has a story, each just as important as the other and I am always keen to hear others’ opinions.

The topics that I have hosted has sparked off ideas for further topics and possibly even blog posts. As you know, the Twitter 160 character limit can be a bit annoying when you have more to say.  SO far, I have managed to “contain” the tone of topics that are more controversial. As you know on Twitter (or any other social media platform), people tend to find confidence to Tweet things that they wouldn’t ordinary say in person, so they go around challenging everyone, disagreeing with everyone, doing a quick Google search on some theory then Tweeting the Googled response –  I’m sure you’ve seen this on your TL. I call this the “False Balls Syndrome”. No explanation required, I hope. These people have been contained…

I will be opening a “suggestion box” where people can submit questions to me and I will host the question on their behalf. To make a suggestion, leave a comment below or if you prefer to contact me discreetly, then click HERE and leave me a message… let’s get talking! In addition, I will host a monthly poll where the most interesting topic under the #ToxicQnA hashtag will be posed. You’re welcome to send suggestions to me.

Tune in to Twitter everyday after 8:30pm for a little lighthearted and sometimes heated discussion, regarding relevant topics. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ToxicQnA or else we wont easily find your tweet.

You can catch me on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below .

ToxicSweety over and out!


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2 comments on “All about the Twitter hashtag #ToxicQnA
  1. ninavennor says:

    Cool! I like making new friends here in the web world! A great discussion is interesting! Glad to see a blogger who wants to personally connect to her fellow bloggers 🙂 You got yourself a new follower! Good luck 🙂


    • ToxicSweety says:

      Hi Nina

      I love hearing feedback- and all the way from Philippines is amazing! I love connecting with fellow bloggers and writers and it’s even better when it’s across the globe.

      Keep reading and sharing 🙂


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