Wrapping up 2012 and opening 2013

Who would have thought that last year was just a month ago? We’re already 2 months into 2013. Time sure is flying. They say time flies when you throw a watch and I just dropped mine a few weeks ago, so I guess that explains why we’re already here. Although my watch has stopped ticking so …

Anyway, in keeping with “tradition” I thought I had better do a 2012 wrap-up post and welcome 2013 with open arms. Last year my emotion levels were really tested as life decided to drag me along a rocky road of every imaginable emotion possible.


Work life

After graduating I struggled to find work in the “real world” so I was in transition jobs and still earning pittance, which only afforded my minimal expense coverage. Times were tough and I was window shopping a lot! I always smelled good though, as I always made a turn at the perfume counters.

Partying up with my collegues

Partying it up with my colleagues

Love life

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years in 2012!!! You will notice that I don’t speak much about him on my blog. The truth is that I try not to talk much about my relationship online, as I am not ready to share all the details with the media. This is a part of my life that is held private. Also, (the real truth) I’ve been ordered to do so by him. Gulp! Anyway, a reminiscent post that simultaneously looks into the year ahead is definitely a special occasion, so I’ll be a rebel and break the rules. Also, I thought I’d share a secret tip on how to hold down a long-term relationship; which is: ALWAYS listen to the lady- she is always right!! 🙂

Study life

2012 saw me working fulltime and studying part time, which meant that I was working full time and studying exam time. Unfortunately I’m not the most disciplined when it comes to studying on my own, especially when there are no lectures involved. Perhaps it was just poor management on my part. We’ll see.

Studying hard

Studying hard

Recreational life

Finally, my downtime; this is an area that I have also not been able to fully enjoy. I am a person who loves my alone time. Sometimes I just sit on my bed and think, or talk to myself. Well, come to think of it, I do talk to myself a lot actually. Sometimes I forget I’m in company. Once, whilst working at UCT, a colleague caught me talking to myself… To comfort me he said: “It’s ok that you talk to yourself; just as long as you don’t answer yourself.”

Fowzia Gamiet talking to herself

My premonition for 2013

Now that 2013 has forced its way into my life, I have this to look forward to:

  1. Continue my plan to build an army of strong women, hell-bent on world domination.
  2. Blog more regularly… or rather, more consistently.
  3. Tweet more. No, tweet less. Wait… Scrap that. Now’s a good time to follow me on Twitter.
  4. Improve my ability to not care about what others think about what I think.
  5. Grow thicker skin to do number 4.
  6. Do a good deed per day week month.
  7. I hope to be a bit more active and, sigh, a bit healthier. Perhaps I’ll also eat some yoghurt and maybe a fruit here or there.
  8. Picking up where I left off with my hobby of piano playing. Scales is not a good place to be, a year after having purchased a piano!

Me at my piano. I’m hoping to learn more than scales this year 🙂

Looking ahead, I am positive. As I am learning more about myself, my place in society and the importance time management, I am growing into the woman I am supposed to be; which is bloody awesome! And no, my life is not lived on a silver spoon, I am happy with the little that I have been blessed with. (That expensive piano above, I had to save up for 5 years to be able to buy it.)

I now have a job; both my parents are alive and happy with me; I have a loving boyfriend (who sometimes fights with me); I have siblings who would do anything for me; I have the coolest colleagues and best of all I have my insanity.

Yes, dearest readers, the simplest things make me happy and I am happiest around positivity. This (happiness) is what I wish for you too. Well, except for my enemies, of course. For my enemies I wish a lifetime of itchy bums in public… Until we make up, then I’ll free you from the curse. Other than that, smile… life is not that bad.

Just smile

Just smile

If you feel that life is too much then read this poem from Anonymous (click here for poem), which is about not quitting; or read this poem from myself (click here for poem), which is about being yourself! I wish that everyone is blessed with a happy 2013 and should or rather when we are presented with hardships, may we find the strength to overcome it and soldier on.

This post was written in response to the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge.

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ToxicSweety over and out.


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