Using Twitter to maximise your blog’s reach

There’s a lot to be learned from using social media; we learn about news; the latest fashion trends; about others’ lives, interests and experiences; but most importantly, we learn about our own writing style and ways of continuously improving it.

As a blogger, you want the most exposure to your blog as possible so it would most certainly be in your best interest to familiarise yourself with the latest social media platforms. One of the most popular at the moment is Twitter.

Twitter is a micro blogging platform where you are able to send messages (known as Tweets) with a character limit of 140. Many bloggers have not warmed up to the Twitter idea however, this week’s writing challenge has given me the opportunity to show you an example of how Twitter has actually assisted in driving more traffic to my blog.

Watch your blog traffic climb :)

Watch your blog traffic climb 🙂


 A while ago, in the midst of drafting a blog post, I noticed a “trending topic” (“Trending topics” are listed on your Twitter page and sorted according to most popular 10 topics being discussed.) of particular interest to me i.e. the UCT suicide. I immediately stopped the posts that I was planning and started a new post, relating to this trending topic. I posted the article 20 minutes later and that was the most popular post that I have ever received.  See the UCT suicide post here.

With that said, the key to Twitter is to keep track of what is currently being discussed. This gives you an idea of what MOST people are talking about. You can also arrange your topics according to region, so if you are targeting London for instance, you can monitor the trending topics there.

An example of trending topics

An example of trending topics

Use these topics as the base for a blog post and see the traffic flock to your blog. Examples of these kinds of topics include fashion events, sporting events, celebrity weddings, celebrity deaths, new technology, current news, etc. Of course the topic should be tailored to your blog’s theme.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag (#) or phrase being used in the trending topic, verbatim, when posting your blog article. Sit back and watch the counter increase. This will ensure that everyone monitoring a particular trending topic will come across your article.

PS: Don’t be afraid to write what you think… even if you know the masses will disagree. If you’re writing to curry favour by agreeing with everyone, then you’re not writing honestly; you’re just a copy of the next blogger out there.

This post written in response to the WordPress weekly writing challenge

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2 comments on “Using Twitter to maximise your blog’s reach
  1. tearmatt says:

    Awwwweeesooommmmeeeeee advice! I clearly don’t do this enough, so thank you for your guidance! 🙂


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