My newest hair-cut: My small forehead gets a fringe

I have had long hair all my life and have never really ventured into the unknown. As far as I can remember, my hair was cut short 3 times in my life.

  1. About a few days before my Aunt’s wedding, and I was due to be a flower girl, my brother and I were alone at home. I was about 8 years old (and him 12years old) and he came up with this really fun idea of playing “Barber-barber”, him being the Barber of course. I diligently sat down at his “Barber shop” which was conveniently located in our lounge, and I watched in amazement as my long hair fell to the floor, with each snip from my Mom’s kitchen scissors. My hair went from lower-back-length to uneven bob in the space of 10 minutes and I was happy with the result, as was my “Barber”….till my Mom came home that was. Saving us from a “good hiding” was the fact that I looked really ridiculous, I guess. After laughing at my uneven, zig-zag hairdo, Mom quickly took me to a hairdresser to fix the mess and that’s how I got to sport a short bob for my Aunt’s wedding!

    Check small Fowzia out! Ahoo!

    Check small Fowzia out! Ahoo!

  2. The second time was after I matriculated, I got what everyone knows as the Victoria Beckham bob… but those in the know, knows that I had it first. J It was actually a mistake to be honest. Being the non-daring type with my hair, I initially wanted a “safe”, layered bob; something conservative.I described what I wanted but it seems that the hairdresser had her own idea of what I wanted, in mind. She kept snipping and snipping away and I watched in horror as more and more chunks of my hair fell to the floor. I kept thinking “Jeez, that’s too short! No way is this length good for my wavy hair!” But I sat in silence and watched like a guinea pig! Needless to say, when she dried it, it was gorgeous and I loved it!
  3. A few months later, my do needed a touch-up. Armed with no picture and unable to describe my previous cut, being that it was a MISTAKE, I was left with a haircut that was longer on the one side than the other. I was told that it was something that Zelda from Sabrina the teenage witch sported!
  4. And now… I have braved the odds and decided to get a fringe. I say brave the odds because I have a small forehead and as many a fellow small fore-headed person would know, fringes are a no-no!!!! Taking everything into consideration I was ready for this change. I wanted a fringe and my trusty hairdresser was going to give it to me! I consulted him before cutting and he advised me, taking my hair texture, face shape, hair length and of course small forehead into account. I showed him the 3 pictures of what I had in mind…
Fringe option 1

Fringe option 1

Fringe option 2

Fringe option 2

Fringe option 3

Fringe option 3

…but he said that he had his own idea in mind and told me that I should let him be… which I did. Because I trust him… and only him!

And this was the result…

Looking more like my mini-me, HAHAHA!

Looking more like my mini-me, HAHAHA!

Me and my baby sis, The Maaj

Me and my baby sis, The Maaj

Now my weird hairline can be hidden… for a while.


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ToxicSweety over and out!


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4 comments on “My newest hair-cut: My small forehead gets a fringe
  1. looks awesome!! I have a very short forehead too and I am considering a fringe… It wouldn’t be my first time, but HOPEFULLY this time I will get it done professionally and be able to actually pull it ;P


    • ToxicSweety says:

      Hi, Moonchildwolf. My advise would be to find a hairdresser that you trust to cut your fringe, especially if your forehead is small. They will know exactly how to cut it, to make it work for you. Do let me know how it works out. Would love to see before and after pics. 😃 Thanx for reading.


  2. Happy Sprout says:

    The fringe looks great! Nice choice. -Amy


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