Blogging: Why I do it

As part of my writing challenge, I’m going to talk about blogging and will also let you in on the reason why I blog. This post will be in the form of a dialogue between my “inner self”; one eager to post, the other cautious and afraid of what people might think. Please do read, I hope this would give many of you more insight into the blogging world and who knows, maybe it would encourage you to start an online journal of our own… or perhaps just start with being a guest or ghost blogger.

Eager self: I have a new and current topic in mind, something I think my readers can relate to.

Cautious self: So? Your readers have heard about it already! They’re not interested in reading about THAT again!

Eager self: I should do more research on this topic and make it more interesting for them to read.

Cautious self: Don’t you listen? So many of them have complained that they are irritated by those “ToxicSweety…” notifications!

Eager self:  Well, it only seems to be my friends who complain…the ones who know me personally.

Cautious self: Exactly! Imaging the complaints from those who DON’T know you! I mean, even friends of friends have complained.

Eager self:  I don’t care! I am writing about an experience/ thoughts/ current topic, something that I would like them to read because I think that they would find it inspirational. My intention is good and I am not doing them harm.

Cautious self: Except harass them yeah!

Eager self: Be that as it may, my aim is to make them think, smile and interact. My posts are individual-aimed and not mass-aimed so reaching just one person, stimulating their grey matter, would be an accomplishment.

Cautious self: Your funeral! Anyway, how do you know when you’ve accomplished this “mission” of yours?

Eager self:  My stats of course. My blog shows the location and number of all visitors. They may not comment for their own reasons but I guess they just read…and that makes me happy.

Cautious self: Alright then…post away! *Clicks publish*
From the above, you can see that my dialogue seems a bit… well, rough but that’s what happens inside my head. The truth of the matter is that I have joined many social networking websites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Bloglovin, Facebook and others and the only networking site where my actual friends are housed i.e. Facebook, is where I receive the least support.  I receive comments on my posts both positive and negative, likes on my Facebook pages, suggestions for my blog and its layout…all from complete strangers.

It’s true that I’ve been told by many that my post notifications are “annoying” and that there seems to be “no escape” from the notifications; of course only from my “friends”. Now, whilst I appreciate this honesty, I really do, I’m happy that my posts are at least reaching them but… I have to wonder, why the lack of support?

According to the stats my “friends” just read the posts silently and then close. I guess, if my aim was to reach, then mission accomplished however, it is to reach and engage. I have at this stage accepted that those I know will have to continue being harassed by my notifications, and read my posts silently, while those strangers at the other corners of the world will balls-up and engage.

My blog is at that stage where I have reached a steady amount of regular readers…not much but the returning readers are increasing. I blog to open your minds; to open my mind; to learn, engage and hopefully motivate each other with our experiences. My fear of peoples’ opinion on my opinion is momentary because I have the balls to have an opinion. I am not and will never be a “straw man”!

This post written in response to the WordPress weekly writing challenge

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ToxicSweety over and out!


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9 comments on “Blogging: Why I do it
  1. roxyuncut says:

    I can so relate to the above. I have been procrastenating about starting my own blog since March 2012 and as its been on my mind more and more lately I have come to realize there is so much to consider like content, audience, layout and so much more. That being said its 2013 now and I have a suspicion that my blog will be appearing shortly. I enjoy ur blog and ur rather fiesty approach, keep @ it! Oh and 4 some reason I don’t get notifications on ur updates I will be checking and rectifying that shortly!


    • ToxicSweety says:

      Hi Roxy

      I’ve been there, procrastinating…I still do it sometimes. I guess once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator 🙂 However, I do keep a word document on file about “topics of interest” that I would like to get around to. After my first post was published, I wanted to publish at least one post per month so that my “archives” reflected every month. The “one post per month” was my personal target.

      I actually moved my blog from Blogspot because the WordPress platform offered more functionality and a better SEO. Once I was comfortable with the topics and with WordPress, I joined the Weekly challenge where weekly topics are provided to you. These topics also inspire ideas for your own posts.

      I would definitely encourage you to get started on your blog. WordPress bloggers seem to be more supportive, which is great for a starter blogger..which I consider myself to be.

      Decide the kind of posts you would like to do and don’t over think the rest. I am still experimenting with other layouts as I have not found one that’s “perfect” for me.

      I hope that you will get around to starting your blog. In the bigger scheme of things we are all learning from each other so publish a post… 🙂


      • roxyuncut says:

        Hi Toxic
        I do think I am over thinking my blog a bit. What I do know is that more than anything I want my blog to be positive and help people and encourage dialogue. You know I find that the biggest thing as people is that we sometimes think and opperate in isolation and I think your blog attracts me because you look @ a multitude of topics. I loved the post on cv tips. I found that to be great because its amazing how many people is not “work ready” and dont have access to things that people like you and me dont give a second thought because it is part of our daily work life. So yes I think I just have to bite the bullet and post. I must be honest I am no techno boffin so the technical side of it is a bit overwhelming but soon I will take the plunge


      • ToxicSweety says:

        I think that covering a broad range of topics is what works for me. There’s a lot happening in my brain which I am dying to share… despite sometimes suffering from a bout of “writer’s block”. That’s why as I mentioned to you in an earlier comment, I keep the document of “possible topics” on file to jot down anything interesting that pops into my head.

        Some people also tend to focus on ONE topic. If you have a passion for something like, let’s say fashion or cooking, then you could also focus your blog around that particular topic. This would be really useful for finding a “focused” audience with similar interests. It would also come in handy when using Twitter. It’s just up to you to decide on what you want to blog about.

        Just keep in mind that it must be something that YOU are passionate about!

        With that said, you are definitely over-thinking things.

        1. You know what kind of blog you want to manage i.e. to do a motivational/inspirational blog.
        2. You WANT to start bogging.

        That’s all you need. 🙂


  2. roxyuncut says:

    I have been procrastinating going back and forth about starting my own blog since March 2012. I can relate with your inner dialogue! There is so much to think about such as the audience, the content, the lay out and so much more! I want to share my experiences and views and I know I would like my blog to have a message and it needs to make ppl think At the same time I also don’t want some1 to feel like lead once they’ve read it! Anyways I have a suspicion it won’t be long b4 I start blogging as the issue has become more pressing just as soon as I get more techno savvy! Ur doing fine I enjoy ur blog!


    • ToxicSweety says:

      It is clear that you’ve given your blog lots of thought. You should browse similar bloggers’ sites and draw inspiration from them. It helps to give you a direction for your own blog.

      There are many bloggers out there who copy each other and who try to “out-do” each other. I try to distance myself from that. I ask other bloggers’ advice, ask permission if I’d like to use something from their blog and I post and receive no comments at times.

      All you can do tweak, learn, read others’ blogs and engage.

      I look forward to seeing your first post 🙂


  3. Mind of Andy says:

    Great.. Awesome 🙂 Keep writing!
    It can only do more good than bad, if you follow you eager self! hehe 🙂


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