Animated GIFs: Political tools or High school the stuff of junior high-school shenanigans?

Despite my keen interest in technology, the nitty gritty techno jargon is not really my forte. Nonetheless, this is probably a post where my readers would know more than me and this is where I urge you to contribute. I can only provide my understanding of a topic.

Anyway, as I’m sure many of you are probably aware, a GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a type of format for image files. It is a popular modern format with built-in data compression, which is a fancy way of saying that this particular format of file is designed by compressing the image data to reduce the transfer time.

Now, to be honest, I was not even aware that the GIF was given so much thought that it was even considered a “Political tool” of any sorts. As far as I am aware, political campaigns, Olympic advertising and even high-school shenanigans start with a goal in mind: “Reach maximum or target audience.”

Brand managers and large marketing companies exist because there is a need for organisations and individuals to get their message out there. That after time the GIF evolved to an “animated GIF” and then to meme status quoting the catch phrase “haters gonna hate”, well… is it not then mission accomplished?

Haters gonna hate

Haters gonna hate

Political and Olympic campaigns are headed up by; I would imagine educated or at least market-aware individuals. Clearly the GIF and animated GIF are tools, albeit simple, that will gain the attention of their target audience. Simple and efficient; mission accomplished. (for them).  I see no issue with that and I guess it’s true what they say… “Haters gonna hate!”

My kind of Animated GIF (Jensen Ackles)

My kind of Animated GIF  ladies 🙂 (Jensen Ackles)

This post written in response to the WordPress weekly writing challenge

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