ToxicSweety Online Store… RE- launching TODAY!

ToxicSweety Online Store Logo

ToxicSweety Online Store Logo

I am pleased to announce that my new-look online store is finally here. Everyone has been patiently waiting for this day and I know that it has been a long 4 months but…it has FINALLY arrived! Thank you all for your patience. If you’ve done business with me before, you will remember my store as “The Queen’s Jewellery Box” which stocked women’s’ accessories under the label “Pompous jewels” and clothing under the label “The Queen’s Attire”. Yes, they were darling labels indeed; all designed to evoke the royalty within!

During that time I operated as a student (and so did the other agents) so The Queens Jewellery Box supplied customers between academic institutions viz. UCT, UWC, Oracle Academy and other university and school locations, as requested. A delivery, postage and courier service was offered, at an added fee, for those living out of my radius.

Since graduating and entering the job market as a full-time employee, my schedule changed and I was unable to focus on my business as much as I would have liked to. The transition from full-time student to full-time employee required all my attention so my business plans had to take a temporary back seat. I guess that goes for starting ANY new job. You don’t want to lose focus of what you’re SUPPOSED to be doing.

Anyway, now that I have been able to settle into my work routine, I can once again devote my personal time to my business. You will notice that I have made a few changes to the business…all to better your buying experience.  

What has changed?

  • The store has been renamed; The Queen’s Jewellery Box has become ToxicSweety Online!
  • We now stock more items and sometimes, we cater for men as well (See current specials for men here)

What’s remained the same? 

  • We still deliver ANYWHERE in South Africa! (Please see online store for delivery options and fees)
  • Still stock accessories, clothing, cell phone covers, hair accessories and lots, lots more!

Click here to check out our online store! PS:  As a reward for your patience, I have decided to run a very special, special. Nike and Puma track pants (usually R500) will be going on sale for R250!!!! JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS, my friends! Special will be running until 21 December!!! Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

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ToxicSweety over and out!


Authored by Fowzia Gamiet, ToxicSweety's Pensieve is a written montage of memories, experiences and anything current and newsworthy. Taken from the Harry Potter series specifically "Goblet of Fire" a "pensieve" is a magical repository for memories. I always love hearing from readers of my blog, so please leave your memory/ comment on ToxicSweety's Pensieve. Enjoy!

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