Pictures…how many words are they worth?

I love taking photos. It’s one of my all-time favourite hobbies. Well, I guess favourite hobby is rather redundant but that explains exactly how I feel about taking photos. I constantly find myself in situations where I would like to capture a moment, take it home and stare at, hour upon hour. I don’t like taking usual, predictable, “posed for” photos. I prefer the kind that tells a story, the natural photo.

This is my current Facebook profile picture.
Not your ‘typical’ poser – just the way I like it 🙂
See a story in the picture?

Photography is a skill that I would like to hone and in the meantime I will just have to admire the SLR’s (Single Lense Reflex) on the market- those massive professional, overpriced cameras! I would definitely like to own one soon. The price range of a good one, starts at R10 000!!! A girl can dream!

I wanna make you mine!!

Back to reality…

I was tasked via WordPress to write a story about the three people pictured below:

The story behind the picture- What I see:

John Jones the mayor, and wife Mary were members of an elitist organisation within their community. They enjoyed a lifestyle that allowed them to rub shoulders with the leaders of other towns and were always welcomed by hosts, with lavishness soirees. They were the envy of the town and everyone wanted a piece of them.

Unfortunately it would seem that behind the tale of happiness lie the facade of deceit. John Jones had been having an affair with Candy, the domestic worker, who decided one day that she no longer could live with the lie that she had given birth to a son 2 years ago- John Jones’ son. Despite John’s protests, Candy was adamant about revealing the truth and confronted Mary.

Mary was the kind of person who would rather suffer with a cheating man and continue living lavishly, privately, then move on into the unknown with the possibility of struggling financially. After all, she would be the laughing stock of the town!!

Right there Mary decided that she needed to get rid of Candy and offered Candy a bribe to disappear with the bastard! Candy agreed to the tempting offer and was scheduled to leave town the following day.

Before departure and as a last request, Candy asked for a photo of The Jones’ and her son, for keepsakes…

Mr and Mrs Jones on either side of the “bastard”

The End

This post written in response to the WordPress weekly writing challenge


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