ToxicSweety gets a revamp: Blogspot to WordPress

It has been a challenge to document all the topics that have been burning in my head. Juggling a postgraduate qualification, starting my career and improving personal attributes, it seems that I have been distracted by that evil monster called “Time-Management”…or lack thereof! Since inception, my blog was intended to be a means to communicate and share my views honestly and openly… and this will definitely continue.

It seems that the more I learn at work, the more engrossed I become- the less quality time I seem to have for myself and my studies… and of course, my blog. This juggling act of life seems to be getting harder and harder as I get older and have more life responsibilities. Looking back, when I was still a tot doing part-time work, things like juggling multiple jobs in conjunction with studying, were a lot easier. In my undergrad years for instance, I was doing 4 jobs concurrently- no sweat. Now my days are spent scavenging the earth for extra minutes in the day. There seems to be insufficient time in the day and when I have additional time, it’s used to rest my exhausted limbs.

Since quality “alone” time, my studies nor my career are areas that I am prepared to compromise on, it is time to find my center of gravity and grip tightly. My inner Mr Miyagi! I mean how hard can it be? I used to do this not too long ago!

With this new-found vigour, (and feedback from fellow bloggers) I have decided to make a few changes on my blog; from the look, the blog-hosting platform, to the focus area. I have also decided to include more photos. One of my passions lie in photography and I purchased a little snap and shoot a year ago, to document anything interesting that crosses my path.

Looking to the horizon, this is my POA:

The look: Improved for a better SEO presence
Blog hosting platform: Moving from Blogspot to WordPress
The focus area: Women issues

Yes dear readers, my blog has been booked in for an overhaul and with that, also comes a new name. YAY!

Please note that whilst I have stipulated that I will now be focussing on women and issues surrounding us as women, this does not imply that it is a FEMINIST blog and I will certainly not be starting a man-hating cult (that’s a separate blog altogether ;)) This will merely be “a blog FOR women” and the posts can be used as a learning platform for men as well. I guess this may not come as a surprise to many of you who know me personally, as I have always championed the equitable treatment of womankind.

Being a bit of techno-geek, I have decided to earmark this auspicious decision with a move to improving my SEO presence. After doing some research, I have found that WordPress offers better facilities for my SEO whereas  Blogspot seems to be lagging behind in that sphere…. And we all know that 2nd place is for losers!
I have started a work blog, using WordPress  to test the difference and OH MY WORD it is proving to be so much better. Don’t just take my word for it… have a look and compare for yourself:



Feel free to join my blogs mentioned above. It’s always nice to hear from all those who read my blog. The feedback received thus far has helped tremendously in improving my blog and has actually sparked this revamp. So here we go guys… here’s to bolstering our online connection.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @ToxicSweety_

ToxicSweety over and out

Here’s to new beginnings



Authored by Fowzia Gamiet, ToxicSweety's Pensieve is a written montage of memories, experiences and anything current and newsworthy. Taken from the Harry Potter series specifically "Goblet of Fire" a "pensieve" is a magical repository for memories. I always love hearing from readers of my blog, so please leave your memory/ comment on ToxicSweety's Pensieve. Enjoy!

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4 comments on “ToxicSweety gets a revamp: Blogspot to WordPress
  1. […] I actually migrated from Blogspot to WordPress (and also changed the blog name altogether) which was a drastic move I know, but well worth it, as my intentions were SEO-motivated. You can read all about my Blogspot exit HERE. […]


  2. […] I actually migrated from Blogspot to WordPress (and also changed the blog name altogether) which was a drastic move I know, but well worth it, as my intentions were SEO-motivated. You can read all about my Blogspot exit HERE. […]


  3. Hi ZaamissbowtieThank you for the kind words. I've had a look at your blog and I must say, it looks amazing. The thing's extra cool and I WANT THAT!!!! :)I agree that WordPress looks a lot more professional and it helps that it's SO much easier to set up all the features. The thing I like most are the multi-level pages. You're absolutely right about Google. In fact, I started with Blogspot because of the "Google" affiliation. At the end of the day, it's all a valuable learning curve for me. Now…please tell me more about converting to a "normal site".


  4. I've been using wordpress from the beggining, so many people get put off because of the no ads thing, but I used Blogger through high school and got tired of it, WordPress just looks more professional. It was so easy to take my and convert it to a normal (wordpress) site. it's weird that blogger is doing worse than WordPress for SEO because well- it's Google. But I look forward to seeing all the changes lady 🙂


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