How to care for long hair

A few people have asked me to do a post on hair-care for long hair so here it is. I aim to please 🙂

Mind you, I am no expert on the matter, especially since I have noted a gradual deterioration in the condition of my own hair. As the “owner” of ourselves, we are able to note the smallest change in colour, shape or size of our body, hair and appearance; others will never understand the struggles we go through, with our image. They see long hair, their brain registers good hair. I guess I’m okay with that, to a certain extent… I mean who wouldn’t want others to be blind to our faults?  The reality though, reflects the truth and that truth needs to be addressed  I’ve decided to take you on my journey from bad hair to great hair…

Now if you’re like me and you have no time to go to the hairdresser, I suggest you make time. I have to admit, I haven’t paid a visit to the hairdresser since Eid last year (which was approximately a year ago…possibly even longer)…but the key to gorgeous hair is to trim, trim, trim. A good gauge is apparently every 6 weeks but I’d advise that you go every 5-6 months. Hairdressers tend to get trigger-happy, so if you go every 6 weeks, you’re bound to end up bald by the end of the year…

I’m not exactly sure at what point my hair started to deteriorate but when I look back at pictures of “Young Fowzia”, you’ll notice the shiny, straight hair…fast forward to today and you’ll be distracted by the dull, frizzy bush.  Anyway, I’m here now and I’ll make do and move on… which is what we’re all here for…:)


A few months ago, I did some research on how to put shine into my hair and I read and heard somewhere that dishwashing liquid will do the job. Yes that pink, grapefruit-flavoured liquid used for cleaning dishes. (Some used a green, lemon-flavoured one). Don’t judge me, I was desperate. Anyway, when I read this, I remembered that in high school, a friend of mine had told me about using dishwashing liquid on her hair. I thought: “Why not?” I mean, if it makes the dishes shine, it SHOULD do the same for my hair! BIG MISTAKE!!

The dishwashing liquid dried my hair to a cinder. I mean, I already had split, dry ends but now my hair was starting to resemble 15 year old dried out steel wool. To make things worse, I repeated the hair routine with each time I washed my hair. That’s twice the dried, harsh washing! I know. I hang my head in shame.

The damage was already done and it was time to find a different remedy…perhaps something old school?


I then did some research on how to re-condition the hair and scalp and I found that a mixture of egg and cider vinegar would do the trick. Whisk 2 eggs and add some cider vinegar and leave the concoction on for about an hour.


To be honest with you, the mixture seemed to do the trick, especially for my tips but I found it very difficult to stomach the stench of the mixture. I had to fight the gag-reflex and tried in vain to hold my dinner in. The smell of cider vinegar is rather pungent and can curdle your insides, to the core. I tried leaving the vinegar out but it turns out I can’t stomach the raw egg smell either. Guess I’ll never play Rocky Balboa by downing some raw-egg drink! Oh well. I’ll teach him how to make new drinks 😉


When my brain grew back and I realised that the dullness was getting worse and that dishwashing liquid is instead, making my hair more tangly, I decided to pack the dishwashing liquid back into the cleaning cupboard and do some more research. This time, I found placenta from “Nu Hair”. It came in a glass vile, which I found to be a bit disappointing because the only way to get the contents out was to break the glass with your hands!!! I mean forget whether or not you’ve got the strength to break this glass but you run the risk of cutting yourself with the particles that drop into the solution!!!


I noticed an increase in moisture, especially around the tips of my hair…which is where the split ends and dryness was concentrated. So, this was a definite SCORE! Despite the success rate of this product, I decided to use it just this once though- not only because of the risk factor but also because of the name itself. My mom heard about it and asked me if I knew where placenta came from….? Her response to my “no” was that “It comes from a female’s womb”. Nasty, I know. I’d suggest you do your own research on this matter and decide for yourself.

For those of you who know me, I have sensitive skin, sensitive eyes…well sensitive everything! So my final attempt was aimed at accepting the fact that I MUST have sensitive hair!!


I decided to switch from the commercial hair products, to the Elizabeth Anne’s range.


What’s good for baby really is good for you. It’s got all the nutritional hair goodness without the harshness- easy on your hair and the pink moisturising one even doubles up as body moisturises. At any chance I get (or rather, whenever I remember) I use lotions and moisturisers for my skin… and not to brag or anything but besides my hands, my skin is softer than a baby’s… #TrueStory. So yes, this option is good, especially for busy women (and men) who are pressed for time. I guess I’ve learnt a lot over the years, regarding hair-care and the next step for me is to head to the hairdressers for that long overdue trim. Ladies, it’s good to go to the same hairdresser each time-0sSomeone who knows your hair type, texture and who would be able to advise what’s best for your head shape. Yes, we need someone who would be brave enough to be honest with us; also someone who would be honest with you when you’re begging for a Rihanna half-shaved look. If he tells you NO, then he/ she’s a keeper.

Below you will find my tips for hair-care. Hope it helps:

1. Use natural products that are high in protein OR my favourite, use baby shampoo and conditioner. (See below for pictures)
2. Alternate shampoos between washes. Using the same one over and over just contributes to the oiliness.
3. DO NOT COMB YOUR HAIR IN THE SHOWER!!! Rather brush before jumping in and only comb if there’s a stubborn tangle. Be careful!!
4. If you can, use conditioner.
5. After washing your hair, rinse with cold water. My body cannot handle the cold water so I rinse my hair in the basin after showering. Wrap your hair in a towel, be gentle and do not comb. Yet.
6. It’s good to invest in a de-tangling hair spray. I’m using Pantene at the moment.
7. Take your time.
8. Be gentle, especially when combing.
9. As far as possible rather brush than comb your hair…..Anything from 20 strokes and more should suffice.
10. Try brushing your hair before going to bed.
11. Twist your hair into a loose bun and cover with a silky scarf and then a beanie to secure in place.
12. And probably the most important tip of all, again… there’s nothing worse than rushing your hair drying session…so please TAKE YOUR TIME!!

Righto, I’m off to find a new hairstyle …my long, dry hair is ready for a trim. 🙂

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ToxicSweety over and out.


Dry ends
Moisturising shampoo & can also be  used as a skin moisturiser (Even shaving cream)
Another moisture-rich range
Natural shampoo
I use these 2 together
Always use a heat protection spray when using heat appliances
The de-tangler
The less-expensive equivalent to the Pantene hair serum
Pantene hair serum
Good Hair Days 😉

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