Gossiping Gold-Diggers… Men are guilty too.

Growing up, there certain negatives that stick in one’s mind and unfortunately, most of them seem to involve women. Well, this post will hopefully shed some light on Gold-Digging as well as gossiping. Yes, the truth shall finally be revealed 🙂

Let’s start with gossiping: The pastime of so many. Admittedly, on the odd occasion- myself included. (Here I hang my head in shame.) The goss is sometimes too juicy! I am after all human. Haha. I must add though, that even during the times that the goss is that juicy, I find myself wondering “Is this true”? I am a firm believer of completely believing nothing that anyone says, without sufficient proof. I will listen (for entertainment) but not believe.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is not that ‘nobody’ gossips, or that ‘everyone’ gossips. The point that I would like to make, very boldly I might add, is that *cough* MEN GOSSIP MORE THAN WOMEN! Yes, ladies and gentlemen it is true. I must admit, after my Mom imparted this knowledge into my brain, I thought she was just being her usual hater self. But my questioning mind began to notice the little mutterings and conversational topics that were happening around me…taking it all in.

For the most part, I think the reason why men are able to get away with everyone believing that women are the main gossipping perpetrators of the world, is because of the ‘manner‘ in which each party actually engages in gossip. Pay attention people…

Men: They gossip as a matter of casual conversation. They inform the other group members, regardless of the sensitivity of the content of what’s being said, about the latest juice on someone. Next time, you are around a conversation with men talking, just listen and then *roll eyes*.

Women on the other hand tend to make it obvious that they’re gossipping. They would also only gossip certain things with certain people (exercising some sort of discretion at least). This they do by cover their mouths while whispering (for the Muslims it’s cover their mouths with their scarves) and “enrich” whoever the gossiper feels deserves to hear that valuable piece of information.

Personally, I find gossipping to be a mindless pastime. Even though I do occasionally find myself in the company of gossipers, I don’t seek it out, and I then continue the conversation hating the moment. How can we be progressive individuals if instead of befriending the person being spoken about, we engage in talk about the kind of people that they are? Forming opinions about them, based on on the opinion of another. There is just too much haters in the world, to go about believing what others say about others. Believe about someone, what that someone tells you about themselves. #PointToPonder

Unless of course, the person is a chronic liar. (No help on that)

…and then there’s Gold-Digging: People like to gossip about how bad Gold-Diggers are. They love men with money; they love men who can give them expensive shoes, bags and jewellery and of course, they love a man with THAT car!!!

Nobody hates on the one who prefers toned build, or the one who prefers beauty over brains, or brains over beauty; nobody hates on the one that prefers a certain complexion, etc., etc. But for those who prefer a partner with money…. “WHOA” everyone seems to have a say! (And of course it would not be to their face)

So the next time, you see a Gold-Digger (according whatever sources you have), stop and think about why exactly it is that you’re hating on this person… Could it be that you are just jealous about all the things that they are getting, and secretly you also want that cute little diamond necklace…which you don’t have to work for? When your hatred gets to the point where you’re having thoughts about tearing her hair out, in patches; or thinking about getting her outside, after work; or just old fashion gossipping about her… then maybe it’s time to consider the fact that you, yes YOU, need to find something more constructive to do with all that time. Find the thing that (or person who) would fulfill your life, just as money fulfills hers.

At this point, I’d like to note that I am not a Gold-Digger. I would also like to note that although I posted on Gold-Diggers being women, this in no way implies that men are not Gold-Diggers. I am a woman, so I write from a woman’s perspective…but all applies to ‘the relevant parties’. You know who you are, DARRLINGS  🙂

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ToxicSweety over and out.

Just carry on with your life and be the best YOU that you can be.
Hahaha 🙂

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