Themed partays

I remember my first themed party- my 21st. I had a simple request; that all the guests attend donning gold and white attire.  Being the birthday girl, I was obviously exempt from the gold and white theme and rather opted for a gold and black outfit. I was super excited about seeing how everyone would look. To my disappointment, not everyone pitched up as per the themed request. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was happy that everyone came. I mean better to have everyone at your party as is, than be the girl celebrating her 21st as “Nigel No friends”…It’s just that I would have loved to see a bit more effort on some of the guests’ part.
Anyway, one of my closest and dearest friends, Kamilah celebrated her birthday yesterday and she had the theme of MAD HATTERS! I was super excited and freaked out at the same time because not only did I not have a hat, I also did not have the time to go hat hunting. I was not going to be the non-hat-bearing guest so I told my Mom 2 days prior, about my predicament. Her eyes immediately lit up and she said: “Why don’t you make one?” I have to admit, the thought was scary: Two days to make a friggin HAT?!!
Now something you may not know about me is that I am quite handy with my hands. One of my hobbies is to sew, especially formal dresses… but a HAT? Wow! That’s new territory. Er and did I mention there was NO pattern. Yeah, my sewing skills are set to that of a novice, so I do indeed need a pattern.
For the next two days both my Mom (main designer) and my Dad (helper) measured my head over and over, cut, glued, set to dry, set to straighten and pieced together one of the craziest hats I have ever seen. My Dad asked me if it was not too big, to which I responded: “How can it be a MAD hat, if it’s normal?” Words to live by, by the way 🙂
My boyfriend and I rocked up at the party, donning our respective crazy, mad hats- which was at the lovely Beuna Vista Lounge (Let me not comment about the service). We braved the looks and stares of the other guests, the waitron directed us upstairs to the “hat party”and there they were… hat-donning party. I have to admit the bare-headed peeps are very disappointing to see. Kamilah was clever enough to cater for them. As a punishment for not adhering to the dress code, she brought funky party hats. Yet there were still bare-headed people. #Sigh #PartyPoopers
Anyway, Kamilah looked gorgeous as always and she didn’t seem to mind. My thoughts on the matter though: If someone is inviting you to attend their themed party, the least you could do is adhere to the theme…and if it so happens that you are not of the means to don the necessary, then communicate that… OR accept the punishment 😉
Be a sport, guys!

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ToxicSweety over and out.

The finished product! 🙂
Uncovered, or rather unplugged 😉
The top part.
Before leaving to the partay!
Goofing around with my little sis, THE MAAJ 🙂
Me, looking VERY happy with half a sambrero and THE MAAJ looking like a cartoon fish 🙂
The birthday girl, Kamilah.
My best friends, Mareldia and Thaakirah
The rest of the hat brigade.
Myself and Nailah, another very dear friend.
The guy in the middle was on a date when we kept asking him to take our pics. His reward…to be in our snap.
Doesn’t he look like one of the Wayan’s Brothers? 🙂
Me with Tharwat and Zaytoon.
Me with Thaks and Nailah.

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5 comments on “Themed partays
  1. […] I donned my tailor-made over-sized hat to one of my best friend, Kamilah’s birthdays (see HERE for the story). Well, recently we celebrated her birthday and she decided to celebrate over the […]


  2. Not many people can say that, indeed. I would do anything (within reason) for my friends 🙂 Hahaha Thanx for the post and the kind words. I hope they would do the same for me too, and I wish the same for you as well. Peace Out.


  3. kasim0do says:

    how many people can actualy say they going to design, sew and humiliate themselves in the name of freindship… if we were friends id say im proud of you, but im not… jj 🙂 …may u be blessed with alot more friends who treat u as well as u treat them, Insha'Allah #GoodFriendsAreHardToFind (0o,)


  4. Lol! Girl, you know how we roll… BRAVELY!! 😉


  5. Thakster says:

    My reaction when i saw you: In my state of SHOCK i pointed at you and announced to everyone: Oh my God! Look at Fowzie! At that point everyones heads turned in marvel while you bravely walked in with your MAD hat. I couldnt have been more proud of you LOL. Loved it!


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