… and so it begins!

I’ve been trying so long to get cracking on this blog and FINALLY, here it is. *Sigh of relief* There are still a few changes that I’d like to make, layout and colour-scheme wise but that will come, as time goes by.
This procrastination can be attributed to 2 main culprits:
  1. I don’t have internet at home.  (This is a work in progress. Before you think I’m a cave woman who’s totally out of touch with cyber surfers, I do have basic internet….i.e. my trusty little Sony Ericsson X10 mini, phone. This little baby however, is reserved for the all-important cyber surfing only, viz Twitter, Facebook and of course, calls and sms’s. I still need to publish my blogs with a certain degree of professionalism (which a desktop &/laptop seems to provide). What kind of language #snob would I be if I produced anything less. #JustJoking. Just kidding, I’m not joking 🙂 …. Anyway, plus I don’t trust my phone’s spell check.)        
  2. I have been struggling to find a name for my blog.  
Yes, who would have thought that it takes so long to come up with a name?  Well, after I was heading for the 3 month mark, I thought that that’s enough procrastination for one day! Ha ha ha! #HangHeadShamefully
If you’re wondering about the title…No, I did not pull it out of my arse (a trick for some other day) It’s actually a tiny fear of mine.  Perhaps I shall condition my mind to stare that fear away! For now, welcome to the inside of my brain… Enjoy!
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ToxicSweety over and out!
At a mini-waterfall 🙂

Authored by Fowzia Gamiet, ToxicSweety's Pensieve is a written montage of memories, experiences and anything current and newsworthy. Taken from the Harry Potter series specifically "Goblet of Fire" a "pensieve" is a magical repository for memories. I always love hearing from readers of my blog, so please leave your memory/ comment on ToxicSweety's Pensieve. Enjoy!

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5 comments on “… and so it begins!
  1. Darling, you are such a star! Glad to see that you're a woman of your word 😉 Thank you for saying that you like the layout by the way. I'm trying out many different styles. It's a pity I'm not familiar with coding…could've html'd better and without Googling evrything. Anyway, glad you like it. Feel free to look around…and don't be shy to join ToxicSweety the Great's blog!! Meaw! 😉


  2. Rania Ismail says:

    So as I promised to check out your blog, here i am. Haha, its so cool! I actually like the late out 🙂


  3. Maajidah :) says:

    Finally got this blog going! Lol, So far so good,Baybay 😛


  4. legalchilli says:

    One thing you can rest assure the GM does have all of her teeth… a "MUST" in today's world… lol


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